Monday, October 22, 2007

The Girl with the Pearl...

There are some lovely new pearl earring designs available in ThE LoVE BoXeS ShoP.. the pearls are real, not the finest quality, but they are real and the findings are all sterling silver.

Mine... The Seagull Story...

The California Gull is the state bird of Utah. Go Figure. One comic said this proves we are a low self-esteem state (The Colorado Blue Spruce is our state tree... I know, it's pathetic). Anyway, since the California Gull is the state bird you can't shoot them. To me it's like saying the common garbage rat will now be our state vermin, so don't poison them.
With these thought in the back of your mind I'll tell you a story. I like to take my daughter and her cousins to the park. They have a lot of fun playing together and enjoy this park because they can scooter all over the place and I like it because I can sit on a hill in a chair and see almost all they places they scooter, except Jake. Jake is too small to scooter, which puts his usual bad mood into a worse mood (don't think I'm judging him.. he's the relative most like me) and at the time all these bad mood troubles were compounded by the fact he was two.
When I go to the park, especially with Jake in tow, I always remember to bring quite a few snacks. It's frightening to go with Jake unprepared. And yet, on this particular day, I found that I had but one granola bar in my purse. This was going to be trouble I knew so I waited to give Jake the granola bar until I could see the volcano of his unhappiness was about to erupt.
As I gave him the bar, there were several families there with loaves of wonder bread and the Sea gulls were swarming like bees (idiots!)! Can you just imagine the filth they leave all over the grass the same grass the kids are playing on? Plagues have come from less. Anyway, as Jake is contentedly eating his bar, one Seagull swoops out of the sky and tries to take his bar. Jake starts to scream, which makes me boil. So, in front of all the cute families feeding the lovely vermin, I take off my big wedge sandal and hurl it at the Seagull as he makes a second attempt at the granola bar. On my best day I can't hit the side of a barn, but for some reason in a puff of feathers, I nail the Seagull and he drops out of the air like a brick.
The happy vermin feeding families are mortified by me and jaws drop everywhere. Disgusted moms give me crusty looks. But, Jake loves me... Don't take my bar. Mine!