Sunday, July 03, 2011

Marta Gomez: Cielito Lindo

Tonight I was visiting with my brother who was trying to calm his sweet baby girl. He played her Cielito Lindo, a very old Spanish song often performed by Mexican Mariachi bands, but never sung more beautifully than by Marta Gomez HERE.. Her entire cd is lovely. This song will be part of the music and other fun ideas posted on Where Lilacs Bloom later this week for our Sweet Senorita Party... I can't wait, but had to give my good friends a preview since you need to rock your babies to sleep to this tonight.

Jennie D. can you teach me how to make a video.. I finally found a song. :)

Be-spangling the house...

We had fun spangling yesterday. I had a small helper and so it took most of the day. It took awhile for me to remember where the red, white and blue things were all located. We made paper flowers and a few little treat sacks for neighbors and vets. I also stumbled upon the Taste and Tell blog, which had some fun ideas for 4th of July treats. Check her side bar for more ideas.