Thursday, April 03, 2008

Belia Bluebird...

Did you know that she could jump rope? I didn't. I thought she could only pose for just a second before she flew off with a million things to do.. see you later.. But no, she can take a break for just a second and have some fun. Bluebirds are very busy you know. Have you ever watched one. Wow! They have a lot to do in a day. I love this quote about them...
"If bluebirds were people, they would be respected citizens who raise their families with exemplary devotion, lead productive lives, and contribute generously to charities. And they would surely be featured soloists in church choirs on Sunday mornings!"
Steve Groom & Dick Peterson.. Bluebirds 1991
I'm hoping to have Belia finished and in
tomorrow.. Have a Happy Day!