Friday, February 20, 2009

Things Good Mothers Know...

What a lovely book! I was so excited for this new book of Alexandra's to come out. It was very timely for me and guess what ... I'm mentioned in the book! I was so excited to recognize me in there. I feel immortal!
I hope you'll all read this one.. it's truly a love letter to mothers which recognizes our individuality and our humanity. It encourages each mother to use her unique talents to reach for excellence and take her children with her on the journey.
"No one on earth is in a better position to be a shining example to her child, instilling spiritual and intellectual insights, than a mother. A mother should be an ideal example to her child of what the good life looks like close up. A mother's moral excellence, her sense of decency and honor, her intellectual and spiritual commitment to what is true, beautiful, and good, are more powerful influences on a child than mere knowledge and information." (pg. 188 of Good Things Mothers Know).