Saturday, April 05, 2008

Book Club...

Circe and Liz mentioned this book to me yesterday. And, by the way, thanks for all the great recommendations. My cue at the library is loaded up with great books on tape coming my way. I'm so thrilled.
Anywho, Peace Like A River is one of my favorite books. Leif Enger does a fantastic job of making his readers put themselves in some fairly complicated moral dilemmas. C and I both read this book. When I mentioned the recommendations to C.. we were immediately embroiled in a 2 hour discussion. This book is simply fascinating.
We began by discussing whether or not this book is a Western. I thought yes (my opinion was discounted based on the fact that I've read all of 1.5 westerns in my life.. my argument that I've seen lots of Western films.. flopped in the sagebrush). C says that this book is more a foil of the traditional Western. And, he made some good arguments for that. I don't want to give the story away though.
Our discussion then moved from bullying, to criminal law, to gun laws, ethics, to moral reasoning, to what it takes to feel safe, to jury duty ... to I don't even know.. but my brain was going a hundred miles an hour and it was difficult to sleep.
So, I am going to re-read this one. I've ordered my copy from the library and should have it Monday. Would anyone like to join me for a blog book club on this book? Say, Yes! :)
The way I want to do it is.. I will post my review in 3 weeks. And, I will post some questions. If you read the book and want to write your own review.. I will link from my review to yours. If you don't want to write a full review.. you can just leave a comment on the post or you can answer one of the questions either on the post or, I will link to your blog and you can answer it there. How's that?
I will post my review 3 weeks from today. :)