Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Snow...

Spring is having a difficult time coming I guess. This was taken yesterday morning. I really don't mind too much because the sky in Utah is so stunning after rain or snow and the weather I truly hate is inversion. I can't take a decent picture in inversion to save my life. Who wants a gray/brown sky. We seriously need to do something about that. I was thinking maybe we could build a giant air purifier? ... just an idea.
I once wanted to choose a paint chip because it was called Utah Sky and it was just that blue on the right of this photo. I admit that the paint chip names sway my opinion. However, I ended up with true blue which bugs me so much I'm going to have to re-name it, although it truly is a lovely blue. When I went shopping with my sister to find paint chips for her new yellow room.. we narrowed it to daffodil and sundance... Now she can say that her room is painted in sundance yellow.. lovely.
Yesterday was frustrating. I accomplished almost nothing. OK I accomplished things that did not include painting. So, today I am going to plow through the laundry and give C a haircut and paint and paint.. I hope. And, I hope that you get to do something you really love too. :)