Saturday, January 26, 2008


Maeve Binchy may or may not know it, but her books are a cautionary tale that instruct people in the most careful way that they should definitely keep all 10 of the commandments.
Adultery is a subject that makes me quite uncomfortable. Once you are old enough to have really seen the aftermath, there is nothing romantic or cute or lovely about it, just a kind of emotional violence and ugliness. So, when this book begins with an adulterous affair, I didn't know if I'd read on. But, there were no gross physical details, so I did. And, really the book spends more time on the consequences than anything. And, the consequences were what they always are, devastating.
This is not what I would consider literature, it's more of a beach read and Binchy's books are really fun on tape if you love to hear an Irish accent as I do. In fact, if you don't choose to listen rather that read, I don't know that I would much recommend them because you will miss so much by reading, unless you happen to be Irish yourself. Terry Donnelly reads Quentins and does a great job although not as great and the amazing Barbara Caruso (one of the greatest readers of all time) who reads Scarlet Feather, my favorite of Binchy's books. (Barbara Caruso also reads A Wrinkle in Time.. don't miss her performance on that one.)
I loved that so many of my favorite characters, especially the hilarious twins Simon & Maude, have minor roles in this book. I love how Binchy makes Dublin have a really small town feeling and how the characters come together to help someone who has made a mess of everything. I think that forgiveness and kindness are central themes. I had a harder time forgiving the central character myself and didn't much care for her in the end, but enjoyed so many of the other stories that are told in between using the play within a play device.
On of my favorite parts is about a guy who thinks that he will steal a found wallet, but has a change of heart, the romance of Brenda & Patrick Brennan and of course the antics of Simon & Maude, who are just the funniest. Listen to it.. I think you'll enjoy it.. just for fun, but maybe listen to Scarlet Feather first (These books on tape should be available through your public library).

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

If you happen to live with a super hero (as I do). Supers really enjoy studying the work of other supers. So, you need to rent them this film and you can sit through it as well because it's not as bad as you think it's going to be.
Last night we had a little family party for our super who came home with a great report card. We went to the store and she picked out the things we would make for dinner. She must be realizing that supers need to eat vitamins because she chose leafy greens, mushrooms, tomato, avocado and so we had a delish salad with some barbecue chicken and yummy popcorn with our show for dessert. It was a fun night!