Friday, October 19, 2007


So.. I got these new cards and the ones on the top were a bit of a disappointment because they just can't, as hard as they try to, make them as bright as I always need which makes me a little nuts (they couldn't make the design exactly like I wanted either.. computers still aren't magic). It's not just the card people either, it's the paint people.. both the paint for my boxes and for my house... brighter ... BRighter... BRIGHTER!!! When I paint a room in my house, I always go to this Benjamin Moore paint store. I have used lots of different paints and in my opinion there is nothing like the top of the line Benjamin Moore paint... if you're going to paint (which is a major pain) do it right. That's my motto anyway, but I have small rooms.. so. But anyway, I take this shirt in to him.. my favorite bright turquoise shirt and I tell him THIS is what I want.. and the cute guy (he's older and I know my feminist sensibilities should be offended, but he's so nice and gentlemanly that I just can't be) the guy says as he chews on his toothpick shaking his head, "Sweetheart.... they don't make paint this bright." WHAT!? Why in heavens not? He was so nice though, he figured out how to make a turquoise for me that was close enough and when I come home after dark, (I always forget to turn the light off in my studio) my house looks like it's winking at me with a turquoise eye... it makes me happy.

Boo to you!

Can you believe that I found pink mums this year. Someone is trying to make me happy.
This is the little shelf that I have to keep the off season boxes that are not being displayed in the higher traffic parts of my home. Although, I keep a little rememberance of every holiday up all the time because I think its fun to think about happy times.