Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did you guys want to see the new baby bunnies?

You did! Oh good.. here they are... :)
The top one is in
but I can make some of the ones with the plain sides available if you need them.. :)


Look what I found on my walk yesterday! Lovely. There were bunches of these everywhere.
It was another crazy day yesterday. I hope that today will be much more calm.
I have about 40 boxes that need to be painted post haste.. and my house looks like a hurricane had a party in here. c's school report is finally finished! Hooray! I hope it goes well for her today.

Google Reader...

I have been using Google reader lately. Wow. What a time saver. If you are trying to keep up with a number of blogs. Google reader lets me know when one of you has posted something new and then I can stop by for a visit. I've loved it.