Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mirror Has Two Faces...

As much as Barbara Streisand drives me crazy when she opens her mouth publicly, some of her movies are my very favorites. What's Up, Doc?, Hello, Dolly!, Yentl and this movie.. The Mirror Has Two Faces.
This film about the creation of an unconventional marriage has a great ending I think.. too short (Hollywood could sure learn something from Charles Dickens), but good.
The theme of the movie is like the ensemble Streisand is wearing in the photo to the right. The shiny new silky pajamas shows our desire as women to be beautiful and loved and admired.. .and the chenille robe the desire to be known and treasured for what we know and what we've done and what we've experinced in life... and sometimes to have a little Puccini in the background.


Dear FB friends,
I just want you to know that for some reason my FB account has been disabled. I haven't "unfriended" or "blocked" anyone. I hope it will be resolved soon, but I don't know. I sure miss talking with you.