Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Shauna who is our favorite Jenni's sister.. is having a really fun giveaway contest about one of my favorite candies.. you have to see the post anyway.. she decorated so cute for the shower she had for her new daughter in law.. so get over there and enter!

Favorite Summer Flowers...

I have many favorite summer flowers roses, dahlias, cosmos, petunias and these zonal geraniums. These geraniums are super-stars in the garden. This variety of geranium has thicker stalks and produces heads the size of a large hydrangea (another favorite.. that doesn't grow so good around here.. although I've seen a few). The blooms stay on for a long time and if you feed them well.. when one head dies.. another will be blooming out. They go all summer long until the frost.
They are great in pots.. but fabulous in garden beds as well. And, they come in pink, pink, pink and more PINK!
What is a favorite summer flower.. or a garden super-star you are looking forward to this summer?