Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cutsie Cakes...

Hello Cupcake! Welcome to Cutsie Cakes!
The address is 354 North Main Suite #1 in Layton...
I mention the address right up front because when you realize that you can practically purchase the perfect childhood, the cure for the blues and a very happy day for just $2.50.. I know you'll be running right over.
They have candy.. coming ...

... and going... the old fashioned kind that makes you remember when you hauled around a red Radio Flyer and begged nickels from your grandfather to spend at the drug store.. They even have those fabulous candy lipsticks... I purchased 2.
And, then ... what is it about cupcakes that makes them 10 times better than cake? It's the cuteness and it's the swirly, twirly frosting. If you are a frosting lover, these cupcakes are for you. There is no better frosting. Yum!
I love the mint chocolate and the peanut butter and they have wonderful pumpkin spice cookies (WITH FROSTING) that you must try. Heaven!
.. The chocolate with a cherry on top!
There are also so many really fun gifts and other Cutsie cute things to see. Did I mention that the ceiling is pink?!?
This Halloween cupcake is huge. You can share it with your 7 favorite friends (maybe four friends if you like cake as much as I do and 8 if you happen to possess tons of self control around Chocolate CAKE!!!) Anywho, you can order these ginormous cupcakes and they will sport the appropriate design... birthday, Christmas.. I bet they will make you a ginormous cupcake for Groundhog day if you ask nicely.
After visiting so many bakeries and cupcakeries in NYC.. I am very pleased to see that we can do just as well right here in Davis County! Have fun! You can thank me later. :)