Friday, April 04, 2008

Two New Birdies in the SHoP...

I meant to make some bluebirds on a pink background.. but since c and I are trying to get through all the Harry Potter tapes together.. I had little owls on the brain. We googled photos of pygmy owls and had a great time trying to re-create them as we listened to those tapes last night. This is my attempt. c was sidetracked and didn't finish hers.. but if she does I'll show you.
Also.. a little help.. I really must have books to read or go simply nuts. Thanks to Miss Toothsome and to Circ I was able to order up a few from the library this morning, but those books will have to wait while someone else finishes reading them (please hurry someone else). Can you give me the names of some books that might be available on tape through the library that I might enjoy? I can only take so much NPR.. plus they are running their fund drive right now.. so you know how that is. Michelle.. I'm counting on you here. Anyone? Anyone? :)
The above boxes have already been listed in: