Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thoughts & Flowers...

My pocketbook can trust me at the mall and even at the craft store these days, but I get into trouble at the garden center every time where pretty little posies put a spell on me so that I must bring them home. Aren't they lovely? I love spring flowers and they are coming... this is Campanula from Croatia. Isn't the world full of wonders. It is a perennial if you plant it in your garden and it will grow and bloom every spring in zones 4-9. Flowers make me happy. Color and beauty must be important in the world for their own sake.. or why would flowers be. I think that we are meant to be happy. I think we are meant to find joy in the little miracles around us.
I have a large collection of quotes and I found one the other day that I must put in one of my boxes soon because it reads, "Happiness is a form of courage." Holbrook Jackson said that and I've had that quote rattling around in my brain for days. It's true if you think about it. Happiness is a form of faith and maybe one of the best ways in which faith can be expressed. Happiness is contagious and can be shared. Happiness is a form of faith which replaces fear with gratitude. Happiness is a form of forgiveness. We're happier when we can be patient with ourselves and others. I'm not good at that yet, but I want to be. It's been something to think about. What makes you happy?