Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fabric Flowers...

I love these fabric flowers that I got at The Gap last Saturday. They are little jacket pins, but I think they would be lovely in a hairdo as well. One of the yellow ones will be part of the giveaway on Friday. It has been a crazy morning. I was up early to get c registered for some of her summer activities. She got in! whew!
5 boxes need finishing.
1 order needs shipping
The house is a complete wreck.
One nephew is coming over.
Piles of laundry and ironing.
It's going to be a flying by kind of day.. they all are that way lately. Life is short. It's about time for me to start painting Christmas boxes again! Things are starting to look up.. in The Glass Castle.. I'm almost finished. I don't think I could read this book a second time.. it's pretty rough reading. I would say that it's a book about 2 very intelligent but seriously damaged/mentally ill parents trying to raise 4 children. Atleast the children have each other. I going to finish reading/listening while I clean today.
I hope all of you are having grand adventures today! What are you going to do today? Anything interesting?