Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 Random Things About Me...

1. I stupidly stepped over a red velvet rope to see a stuffed alligator just a bit closer. He wasn't stuffed.
2. I was in a tornado once and I still have several bits of the shattered car glass that it scattered all over my balcony.
3. I took down a drug ring.
4. In 7th grade I got a D in art.
5. The places I would most like to visit again are: Mykonos, Sorrento (pictured above) and Butchart Gardens.
I tag: Jenni, Boo & Sheesh

Wallace Stegner...

This is my favorite bit of fiction. It is a beautiful love story and would make an excellent read for Valentine's.

You Are Your Choices...

I finished this yesterday. It was wonderful!

"We should look at our life as a whole. The big picture requires that we take whatever pains are required to live a good life. We need to stretch our intellectual capacities in order to achieve excellence. " Alexandra Stoddard

Don't miss it!