Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I only have one left of the last tray that I made of these beehives..
so I made some more.
This time I did some different fun quotes in them. So, if you want one you can choose the quote you like
..until it's gone that is...
These are the quotes to choose from & I did them in blue & pink..
Land of the mountains high, Utah, we love thee!
Evan Stephens
To Labor is to Pray.
~ Motto of the Benedictines
Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.
Robert Ingersoll
...and the only reason for making honey is so as I can eat it.
Pooh Bear

Short-Sleeved Hoodie...

Some years it's the pancho, some years it's blah, blah and blah... and I don't usually want those things, but I've wanted one or two of these. It actually is much cuter in person with more shirt underneath... you know.. the layered look. Found one at Target (hooray!) I am, of course, still searching for one in pink... I love this one though and it's so soft and making me dream of a nap near the air-conditioning vent... not going to happen. School starts in the morning!

Bernese Mountain Dog...

I'm not ever getting a dog... A .. Aaahaah CHoooOOO!!! I'm allergic. But, if I wasn't... I would get this dog. He's a Bernese Mountain Dog. Cute, don't you think? The problem with these dogs as I have learned (I think this is a problem with a lot of dogs) is that they are breed to be working animals. These dogs pulled heavy milk carts and worked as rescue dogs. They do not want to sit in a run and be ignored... My dad's Collie got walked 3-4 times a day and some family members (mom) still had dog run guilt. I can't do it. I know that I would never walk the dog and that walking therefore would not happen. So, I admire them from afar, (a very far.. I'm a bit terrified too). Little c is getting the stuffie version for her birthday. I hope she'll like it and I hope she doesn't faint from the lack of real dog. I wonder some times.

The Lost Prince...

When I rented this I thought that it was something else. Hooray! the BBC has made a film of Frances Hodgson Burnett's (best book in my opinion) The Lost Prince... Nope. You'll have to read it still as far as I know. This Lost Prince is about the family of George V and their sweet son Johnnie who is shut away from the public and largely from the family because he suffers from epileptic fits, which is considered disgraceful. Johnnie is raised by his devoted nurse Lalla, played by the brilliant Gina McKee. The year is 1910 and Europe is broiling in the lead up to WW1. This is a really great program... not to be missed.