Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I must have been tired, lazy or talking on the phone when I made this box because it just didn't turn out how I like them to turn out. I eyeballed it all wrong. On top of that, this particular red paint does not forgive anything, once you make a slight error, you are just married to it forever.
You can see my mistake. One of my snow flurries is all bunched up and one is all strung out! DAng! This box is just not up to the standard that I insist upon for the shop. So, I've thought about it and rather than offer it at a discount, I'm going to give it away if whoever wins will promise to display it on the pretty side. :)
I'm also giving away this pretty red heart, which turned out perfectly.
So this is how it works... Make just one comment in the comments below and you are signed up. I will choose two winners on Friday. You must have a blog where I can contact you or leave an e-mail. Winner number #1 will get to choose which box they like best and winner #2 will get the other one. Good luck!
There are many more Valentines in...
And the Winners are:
#1 Stephenson Family
#2 pinkjagxj