Thursday, May 15, 2008

Debrett's... Good Manners Thursday..

Did you know that I love etiquette books and I have started to gather a small, but fun collection. I don't know that it's helped me that much. I think that I tend to read and forget. However, this book is destined to be one of my favorites. Debrett's, I understand, are the favored etiquette books to our British friends, even though one reviewer wrote this title, "Insight into bizarre tribe." And, as you read, there are some differences between America and Britain, especially in table manners. Don't, however, go to England and call your napkin a serviette. I was told that was correct, but Debrett's says.. NEVER!
John Morgan writes about etiquette with a great deal of satire. I feel like John Morgan, the author, is looking down his nose at me as he is saying things like...
"Generally speaking, it is bad manners to behave in a loud, disruptive or irritating way in public; this the behavioural preserve of drunken louts leaving pubs at closing time."
here's one for me...
"Chewing gum is ugly and uncouth." (Sigh.. I love gum! Orbit Sweet Mint is my very favorite.. but I promise not to chew gum in Britain.)
and this one I couldn't agree with more...
".. even less appealing on the pavement is the sight of dog dirt. Really good mannered owners carry plastic bags to remove any offending matter." When I take a walk in my town, I find that I spend a great deal of time looking down at the ground to avoid dog mines rather than up at the lovely sky and flowering trees... I find this very irritating. Some of my neighbors even allow their pets to come into my yard and garden to use the restroom. My garden is not a dog bathroom. Now be honest.. that is not thoughtful or kind behavior.. correct?
This one is quite obvious, but it was written in such a funny way I have to include it..
"Queuing, although not the great British institution it once was, is still part of the national psyche. Thus it remains bad manners to jump any queue, be it at a bus stop or in the collection line for vouchers for the Royal Enclosure from St James's Palace on the Monday of Ascot week."
I could see that people could be especially sensitive to slights on the Monday of Ascot week so be cautious travelers.
All this has put me in a great mind to see the film, The Queen, which I am adding to my Netflix queue today.
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Glass Lidded Carafe...

I am not an elegant person, I only wish. I spend most of my days painting in clothing that paint can (and has) been spilled on.. like pajama bottoms and sweat pants.. but I love the idea of an elegant life... possibly one that includes a lovely breakfast tray with this beautiful carafe, a piece of toast, some fruit and a single rose. Wouldn't that be lovely? I think this would make a lovely wedding gift for an elegant person.
You can find it on Carolyn Roehm's lovely site here.

The Prestige...

I really enjoyed this film. It was recommended to me by a friend some time ago and I finally had some time to watch it last night. I loved some of the costumes.. they were so beautiful that it was almost worth it to watch just for the visual part of the show. The plot is very twisty and interesting and moves right along. It is definitely a plot driven film rather than a character driven film, which is OK because you don't really like the characters that much except maybe the minor characters of the little daughter and the manager who was played brilliantly by Michael Caine.
The film is really about unbridled ambition and revenge as two talented magicians compete to destroy each other.
It's a dark film and it was rated PG-13.. there are several disturbing images of death by drowning, hanging and shooting... so not for children.