Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someday My Prince Will Come...

I took the afternoon off yesterday and read this book cover to cover. No, I did not have time to do this and I will soon be paying the price for my irresponsible actions. Not to mention this book is so much debauchery and drunkeness... don't worry about my soul however, .. it's PG rated (but wouldn't be if there were details if you know what I mean)! But, it was just so fun!
I found this book about the silliest thing I've ever read. It's not really well written either, but at the same time I found it really inspiring in an insane sort of way and there are so many wonderful quotes..
Possibly because some of my own dreams are insane.. I related to Jerramy Fine and her quest (from the age of 6) to marry an English Prince. Raised by hippie parents on the outskirts of Denver (this book may be for you Janice).. she casts off her hemp wearing lifestyle at the age of 2 proclaiming as her mother comes to wake her, "You are NOT the woman who dresses me!"
It does seem that our dreams sometimes define us.. hopefully they define us better than we are...
"Nothing splendid was ever achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance." ~Bruce Barton
If you read this book.. I am dying to know what you think!