Monday, May 05, 2008

Jeeves and the Fuedal Spirit...

If life has made a turn for the worse and things have been a real downer lately then.. you need Jeeves to cheer you up. I love a good P.G. Wodehouse and this one is hilarious. Bertie gets himself tied up in a love triangle, some trouble with his favorite aged ancestor and a fake pearl necklace and all kinds of comic relief. The benefit of these books is that by the end you'll be better able to talk like an Englishman.. a trip to the car wash is "ghastly, horrendous, the worst possible disaster in an otherwise pleasant life." A major car wreck where you've barely escaped with your life is, "a small spot of trouble, a minor inconvenience, a bit of a bump in the road." Wodehouse is always a smart, witty, quick read and tons of fun.
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Band of Brothers...

For the past few weeks, c and I have been watching Band of Brothers.. just an episode a night.. it's about all a person can take.
Probably most of you have seen this already. If not, you should. I think it should be part of a basic American History education. It took me a while to see it. I knew it was going to be rough viewing. FYI this film is not rated. I don't know if it gets documentary status or why.. maybe one of you can enlighten me, but anyway if it were rated it would have a big fat R because of language and violence. This is not a film I would want c watching. She is far too young. Until a person is old enough to see the characters as actual people, which they were, and to feel that loss deeply they are too young/immature to view this film.
As I was talking with my brother about the film Saturday, he made the comment that all films about war are romanticized to some extent. It can't be helped in the sense that, it isn't your friend dying, you are not feeling the cold for months and months, you are not living in a fox hole.. that kind of thing. While there is no way to really pay the proper respect to the Veterans of WW2 through film or books or any art form for that matter, this is one of the best efforts ever made. Like my dad said to me once, if you don't see it, you won't really know the extent of the sacrifice these brave men made. I have read a lot of books about war since I was about 12, but I am a visual person and this film taught me in a way that none of the books I've read could have. If you haven't.. see it.

The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn...

I'm sorry this is the best image I could come up with for this little made for television film. This movie has a few problems with the script and in some of the minor rolls the acting is a bit off.. but if you want to watch a couple of masters at work.. Sidney Poitier and Dianne Wiest are simply amazing in this film that is just a very sweet and simple story about a man who is genius at his craft, but has a very difficult time with personal relationships. Put it on your Netflix list.