Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why dieters eat celery.. 5 a day and other news..

This is why dieters eat celery. (That's a great website I think.) I've just helped myself to 3 stalks.. 30 calories. I have discovered that the whole 5 a day thing is kind of a conspiracy... the idea being that if you stuff yourself full of veggies.. there will be no room for dessert. For instance, did you know that if you buy a normal 6oz. bag of salad at the grocery store you have to eat at least half of it to count as a serving of veggies and say you just wanted to pig out on spinach.. Well, just go right on ahead.. You've pigged out, you've eaten the whole bag.. no worries it's only 40 calories. At some level I knew this, but not like I know it now. I've never tried to really stick to this 5 a day thing before.. it works you know. Running six miles a day works faster, but this works too and I'm not so sore and injury prone. At some point I hope the running will be part of it again too, but for right now I'm trying to eat my veggies.

A little friend came to visit...

A little while ago, this little friend came to visit. Three is an interesting age and she reminded me that a lot of the things my nephew, (who I see far more frequently) does are all about being 3. Three is big. People who are three can do big things and they don't need any help. People who are three can be afraid of the garden peas on their plate, but not afraid to jump down an entire flight of stairs if you're not watching them close. They can be afraid of the swing set, but not afraid of running in the road.
You have to watch a 3... carefully.. but, they sure are a delight.