Thursday, December 06, 2007

Allison's Column...

Allison has a really great column this month. Read it here.

Poinsettia... The Christmas Flower...

I love these flowers so much. I guess I love these plants so much since it's the leaves that make them colorful and amazing.
One year I decided to paint a poinsettia box and it's still one of my favorites. I wanted a Christmas poem to go along with it, but there was not one. So I wrote this:


hail Christmas
the red star
flower of the holy night
and proclaim
"be of good cheer"
for he lives who alters
scarlet sin to whitest snow
for he lives who rose
the third day
for he lives creator of grace
in heaven and earth
... in crimson robes He comes again
while the red star waits and burns and shines
for to humble manger He first came
but in brightest glory will He reign.

Have you ever seen any other poinsettia poems? I also love the Tomie de Paola book. He has a really fun website.. see it here.

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree...

It's very difficult to show you the whole of this tree. It's a pencil pine (fake). It goes in a small room though so it's perfect for that. If I back up and take a picture of the whole tree, then you'll see all the contractor off-white walls in this room that I don't really like. So when you look at the tree, imagine a bright lime wall behind it with pretty glossy white trim, which is what it's going to be someday.