Monday, November 20, 2006

I Wake Up in Heaven...

It was somewhat difficult for me to get the colors to show true in these pictures. The chair is not gray, for example. However, this is the redecorating project we finished this spring.

I can't tell how much I love it. The paint is called True Blue by Benjamin Moore. I carried the chip around with me for two years. I wanted a paint that would look great with my Christmas Plate collection as well as incorporate some of the other colors in my home. And, Craig loves blue.

So, we love this room. We used to have a yellow bedroom that we loved when we lived in our condo, and we would say that we woke up in sunshine and now we say that we wake up in heaven.

I believe strongly in decorating in "happy" colors. I loved the cheese commercial that said. "Escape from beigeland." Amen. "Beige is not a color in the rainbow," says Alexandra Stoddard. However, if beige truly makes your heart go pitter pat, you should have beige. Just don't choose beige to be safe, or "neutral." Choose a wall color by what you love. What is your favorite color? That is the place to start. What looks good on you.

One of my good friends has the most warm and inviting home. The wall colors are deep reds and rusts and leaf greens. Whenever she opens the door for me, I think, "Lora looks pretty today." They are a family of red-heads and they look great in autumn colors.

Spring brights are my favorite, but they are not the only colors I love. I love rich colors, like garnent and eggplant. I love jewel colors, like saphire and emerald. I even like pastels if they are clear and true.

In Utah, people often choose what I would call Autumn tones, which go with the landscape, but then they opt for neutrals to be safe. Autumn is great. There is a full spectrum of lovely colors that represent that season; reds, greens, purples... But, spring is also beautiful in Utah, just visit the gardens at Temple Square when the tulips are blooming. In fact, Utah has four beautiful seasons.

Some people say that they find neutral colors calming, I find them depressing. I think you are very unlikely to be depressed in a hot pink shirt, and less likely to be hit by a car, which is also encouraging. Bright colors increase brain activity and decrease depression, really.

I have been asked if living with such bright colors gets on my nerves or if I get tired of them. No, neither. They make my heart sing everyday!

Have a bright and happy day! Best Wishes... Tiffany

Philidelphia Chickens...

Another Christmas idea for the kids. You may already have this, but if you don't check it out here. These songs are delightful but make sure to get the one that comes with the songbook and CD because it's so fun to have the words and sing along. :)

Granny Chic Cute of the Week...

Fun sale going on Hannah Anderson Kids...
Find this jacket here.

My Kokeshi Dolls...

I spent most of Saturday figuring out how to make these dolls and they are so easy.

Candle Cups 7/8" with 22.2 mm hole
Doll Head / Knob 1-1/4" (31.8mm)
Screws 8X1.5" (I believe... take the pieces to the hardware store and see what works)


I am so excited about these little dolls, I am hoping to be able to do an Activity Days spent making these dolls and having a little cultural history on the dolls and some Japanese Snacks including Grandma's Japanese Water Punch!
Best Wishes... Tiffany