Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Circe's Trees...

Circe has written another masterpiece. Don't miss it.

P.S. Get a box of kleenex first.

Harry Potter...

We finally finished the whole series last night. I feel like someone should give me an award. I loved books 1-3 (you know.. the short ones). I am not a series person, with the exception of Jan Karon's Mitford series, which I adore, I have a difficult time if a series is longer than 3-4 book and usually move on.
And, Rowling can write teens. If they did one more bit of whining.. I was going to send them all to time out! But, the ending was great and c is really happy with me for sticking it out (I didn't whine) and it all goes back to the library today! Hooray!

Prince Caspian...

Little c and I have listened to this series several times on recorded book from the library and they are wonderful. In the film, they had to add just a bit to Prince Caspian to make it a full-length feature film, but for the most it was a fantastic job.. the kiss and the lame theme song at the end weren't quite on target and the Lion made a comment that I didn't think fit.. but for the most part it was really great.
It is more intense than the first film a bit and quite violent so you have to know your child.