Monday, March 10, 2008

Gold Paint...

This has been a crazy busy day and it's not over yet, but I had to show you this daisy egg, which is out the door in the morning. I like this shade of blue.

This purple one was listed in the shop. I am enjoying playing with the gold paint. Who needs the real stuff? In just the right light.. it's just so glimmery.

Faith is a Flower...

I love Joan Walsh Anglund books and this one is a favorite... perfect for Easter.
In the evening twilight, stand out under the stars and let your thoughts rise to God, in silent gratitude for all He has bestowed upon you.
Joan Walsh Anglund

The Indian in the Cupboard Series...

These books are so much fun! One of my favorite memories of c's childhood is going to be the time C was out of town on business and we had a late night... a really late night. We stayed up until 2 A.M. listening to books 3 and 4 in this series and painting in my studio. Book 4 is my favorite, but just doesn't wrap everything up, so it was nice to finally read the last book where Omri's father goes back in time to visit Omri's indian friend Little Bull.
The author herself reads the books and she does a fantastic job. They are all available unabridged (very important.. I hate to miss part of the story!) and on tape.
I was confused by the order of the series, but I think I have it correct for you here...
1. The Indian in the Cupboard
2. The Return of the Indian
3. The Secret of the Indian
4. The Mystery of the Cupboard
5. The Key to the Indian
I really think these books would appeal to any child who can sit still long enough to listen to a chapter all the way up to as old as you can get.
**P.S. Sorry for not being a regular poster lately or commenter... I'm kinda swamped, but back to normal by Wednesday I hope. :)