Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you know what I'm dreaming of doing???

Not a dang thing. Not in the long run of course. In the long run I dream of doing a whole slew of things, a bunch of things, tons of new things... but today... I would love to do
NOTHING.. just for a little while. I have been running all day, which why I'm posting this while I wait for the whites to go in the dryer so that we will have clothes tomorrow. Funny, they frown on nudity at our church. You'd think they'd just be glad you showed up, but no. You must show up in clothes. It's a lot of pressure some days. Today being one of those days.
And tomorrow, the Holy Sabbath, is a day of rest. HA!!! I know some of you just nearly peed your pants laughing at that one.. right? right! C always says, "the Sabbath day is a day of rest. You labor six days and on the Sabbath you do all the rest." Get it! Funny huh? I attended a bridal shower this afternoon and listened as some of the ladies told about their day coming up. It was frightening. This is what our day of rest will amount to: Tomorrow we have 3 hours of church, interviews with the bishopric, choir practice, choir performance, taking my brother Josh for his Sunday drive (he needs a break more than anyone) and a stake leadership training meeting.
Sundays are normally as long as a full work day, but some Sundays are a marathon. Even though Saturday is a special day.. the day you get ready for Sunday (feel free to sing a long if ya know the words).. Saturday wasn't special enough.. we never made it to the store. Good thing there's tuna in the food storage or we could starve. We still might though, because unless we get up extra early we might not have time to eat it.
Did I mention that c has a major report due at school and we thought we had two more weeks to do it? c is an A student. She's not going to sleep tonight. She's going to freak out instead which will make the whole doing a fantastic report in 2 days so much more pleasant. Freaking out in the place of sleeping in c's and my favorite nightime pass time.
Back to the laundry... I just noticed that I wouldn't have to go in the buff to church. My jammies are clean. Good night people.. and good luck tomorrow.
*** Author's note: I hope you're laughing. I have to be a bit sarcastic sometimes. Don't mis-interpret this. I love my life and I am a mostly happy person.. It just feels good to belly ache a little sometimes. In addition to the above. The garage broke while I was on my way to pick up my brother. He's very mentally handicapped. I don't think he was happy I was late. He wet in my car on the way to his babysitters. Happily I was mostly prepared for that with a towel and garbage bag.. so I won't have to spend $60 getting the car detailed this week. Hooray. I was late for my stake meeting, but they were very kind about it.. and you know the sun is shining.. and The Easter Hymn Sing was simply sublime and so it's been a good Sabbath after all. Now Monday! Smile people!!! :)