Monday, January 02, 2017

The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe

Last year I made a goal to read a great book each week. I almost made it. I didn't quite finish two on my list. This year I plan to repeat that goal and add a paragraph or so about the book.

The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe is my first book of 2017 and a short read. Wolfe sermonizes about the shallow evidence Darwin brought to his still shallow theory that is considered granite solid in public schools and much of the scientific community, but which falls apart when the smallest bit of logic is applied. Wolfe sites the time frame and the millennia which can't account for the evolution of human speech.

He is critical of the linguist Noam Chomsky as well and the assumptions he has presumed to pass as science for half a century.

In the end, he correctly assigns the followers of Darwin and Chomsky as religionists as he, an atheist, remains a man whose faith resides solely in himself.

To say that animals evolved into man is like saying that Carrara marble evolved into Michelangelo's David. ~Tom Wolfe

There's a great review of the book in the Financial Times HERE