Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seven Years in Tibet...

I found this to be a very fascinating read. Heinrich Harrer tells the story of his escape from an English prisoner of war camp in India during the Second World War into Tibet and the forbidden city of Lhasa where he eventually became the tutor to the current Dalia Lama.

The high adventure story of Harrer's escape mountaineering through the Himalayas is fairly interesting, but I was really interested to learn about the city of Lhasa before the Chinese invasion and the personality of the Dalai Lama as a young man. He was a brilliant and curious teenager who seemed to feel deeply his responsibility as a leader and was anxious to be a person of great wisdom and understanding.

I do not understand the Chinese government position toward Tibet and the Tibetan people and hope that some time in the future the Dalai Lama will be able to return to the city of Lhasa and live his religion in peace with his people.