Monday, March 21, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

I was a little surprised to learn that this book is considered YA fiction. I would probably read it with my teen if she were interested in reading this book. Because, the book covers some heavy topics: teen suicide, abandonment, death of a child, teen sex, drug abuse and depression. However, it is never overly graphic and it tries to help the reader have empathy for someone who is literally falling apart.
I sat down and read it in a single shot. It's a clear-your-schedule-and-make-some-couch-time-because-you-aren't-going-anywhere book.
Side-by-side, the book tells the stories of two troubled teens, one modern and one living during the French Revolution. The plot is complex and exciting, but it's also well researched historical fiction. I learned some things about the French Revolution that I didn't know before and Donnelly paints a fascinating picture of the time.
If you liked the book, The Thirteenth Tale... This book feels like that one... Surprises, great characters, tight writing. It's good stuff.

The Life of King Henry the Fifth

O Kate, nice customs curtsy to great kings. DearKate, you and I cannot be confined within the weaklist of a country's fashion: we are the makers ofmanners, Kate; and the liberty that follows ourplaces stops the mouth of all find-faults...

I love to watch Kenneth Branagh's 1989 version of Henry the Fifth. Brilliant. I need to spend more time with Shakespeare. Good for the brain and good for the heart. If you haven't seen THIS... put it on your list. Gorgeous!