Friday, March 09, 2007

A Tiara for a Princess...& 5 days of Giveaways...

My lovely friend Shawna commissioned this little golden crown as a birthday gift for her daughter. The inscription inside the box reads, " I am a child of royal birth, my father is king of heaven and earth. My spirit was born in the courts on high, a child beloved, a princess am I. I love that quote and remember hearing in forever. What I did not know is that it is part of a larger poem by Anna Johnson:

I am a child of royal birth.

My Father is King of heaven and earth.
My sprit was born in the courts on high.
A child beloved, a princess am I.
I was nurtured there; I lived by
His sideIn a home where patience and love abide.
My mother was there in that glorious place
Blessing her children with queenly grace.
I grew to the stature that spirits grow.
I gained the knowledge I needed to know.
I was taught the truth and I knew the plan
That God and Christ laid out for man.
I was there when the stars of morning sang.
I mingled my voice when the heavens rang.
I was there to rejoice, to praise and applaud
The shouts of joy from the sons of God.
I waited my turn and I came to earth
Through the wonderful channel of human birth.
Then the curtains were closed and the past was gone;
On the future too, the curtains were drawn.
I live on the earth, and God willed it so.
With freedom to choose the way I should go.
I must search for the truth,
I must serve and obey;
I must walk by my faith or fall by the way.
Someday I’ll go back; I will answer the call; I
’ll return with my record to the Father of all.
The books will be opened and so will my heart.
There will be rejoicing if I’ve done my part.
My Father, the King, with His infinite love
Will welcome me back to the mansions above.
The curtains will part and eternity
In it’s light and glory will open to me.
~Anna Johnson

I spent most of yesterday finishing the finish on quite a few boxes which I will show you next week. And listening to more Robinson Crusoe. He has finally escaped the cannibal island and so maybe we are done with scattered bits and pieces of people and endless discussions about raising goats. Goats are Robinson Crusoe's main source of protein. And, Jenni maybe you can answer this.... why do the English always want to boil their meat? Why not roast it over the fire?

Anyway, enough of him. Later in the evening we moved on to reading Peter and the Starcatchers... which is much more fun, and a gift from Shawna. Thank you Shawna! We love this book so much that we are reading it aloud together & cruising through it. So I have purchased an additional copy...

.... which brings me to my next point...

which is that Peter and the Starcatchers and many other lovely and fun things are going to be part of 5 drawings that will start Monday and go through Friday to celebrate the opening of the new Hand Painted Love Boxes Etsy Shop. All you need to do to participate is to comment on the posts that include this little birdie. The prizes are going to be really fun! So.... watch for the birdie and comment on that post before Midnight EST. Good luck!!!