Thursday, November 02, 2006

If only I had a wall...

Do I wish that I had a wall to hang this vintage looking pay telephone? Yes, I do. They are available at Pottery Barn Teen. I have also seen them in a cherry red. I will post the site if I come across it again.

Beth's Market Bags...

Beth is a newbie on ebay and I was lucky enough to stumble accross her beautiful bags one day. I ordered one and was so impressed by the quality and attention to detail. Much of what you find on Ebay sometimes is really garage sale fare. Every once in awhile you find someone who is really creating something of value and something that hasn't been available before. Whenever I find these people, I am going to post them on the blog so be watching. And, let me know if there is someone I have missed, but they have to be BRIGHT because that's what I love. This bag is a present for ME! I'm so happy. Great job Beth! Check out another really cute Beth original here. And visit her store.
Best Wishes... Tiffany

Cath Kidston... So Granny Chic and lovely!

If I had not found the Pottery Barn quilt that I chose for my bed, I would have also loved this cute bedspread by Cath Kidston and available on her site along with pillows like this and the cute tins above!

She also has the cutest first-aid kit ever and lots of other beautiful things! See them all here.
Best Wishes... Tiffany

The November Newsletter is up...

Just click the Alexandra link to see it.

Raoul Dufy, Les Anemones... Beautiful!

Ready Set Play...

If you haven't played this game, it's really fun. It can be played by everyone from 5 years on up in my opinion and is a wonderful exercise for the brain. I saw it at Toys R US the other day, however, I could not find it online there, but it is available online at Target.

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Happy Birthday Dear Jenni! Happy Birthday to you!!!

I have always been grateful to my brother for marrying Jenni, she is one of the best things that ever happened to our family. We all adore her and love her to bits and hope that she has the most marvelous birthday ever!