Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great Desserts!!!

Five different friends that I can think of have black painted tables. Wouldn't these plates look great on a black painted table? I have seen these plates around several places. They are called Parisian Wallpaper and they come as a set of 4 in this cute box. They are also on sale at Spiegel for $34.00.

Spiegel Sale...

Spiegel is having an amazing sale. These shoes are $19.00 and they come in black! I love them. See them here.


Zara... see it here. I can't lift pictures from this site. :(

Granny Chic Outfit of the Week...

The Granny Chic Outfit of the Week has to include this beautiful blouse. I love this deep cranberry red, it seems to be rare the last few years. I hope cranberry makes a comeback, this shade anyway. This picture does not do it justice. See it here.

Granny Chic Cute of the Week...

Darling, don't you think? See it here.

I adore BOB!

I can't find a decent picture of this book cover, but the book is darling. I just read this today. I love it. Hilarious & very sweet to. I love the part about getting your friend a hippo for Christmas and needing a box big enough "so the ears don't squish." You gotta love a book that thinks of all the practical details.

A Christmas Classic...

Speaking of giving the gift of love, this is a story that captures the spirit. A classic to be read every Christmas and a great gift for just about anyone. The pictures in this version are delightful.

The Trouble With Presents...

I didn't really like this book when I first read it because I am not part of the anti-gift group. I love to try to find the perfect thing for friends and family for birthdays and for Christmas. I really love it. I loved it even the first Christmas we were married and we were so broke that I was wrapping up chewing gum and candy bars.
Finding the perfect gift is a trick however, and I have had some real bombs. I sometimes really mess up with little boys because I don't know what's cool.
Anyway, I think this book grew on me a little because even though I love to give gifts and I love to wrap them up, the trouble is that when they are unwrapped, they are just stuff when you really wanted it to be how much you love the person. In the end, it is just a sweater and mittens or whatever.
And, that is going to be my take on this book, the idea that Mooch is really making an effort to wrap up love and that is a great thing no matter how you do it. However, if you happen to be on my Christmas list, never fear, I won't be getting you nothing.
But no matter how much you like the gifts that you give or receive, I think that for the most part they are a symbol of love and that is the best way to think of them.
So, I am recommending this book even though I really like Patrick McDonnell's other book Just Like Heaven quite a bit more.