Wednesday, May 02, 2007

7 Wierd Things About Me...

I was tagged by Dolly... Hi Dolly!!!
1. I love sharpie pens... oh how lovely they are.
2. I am obsessed with bright colors... brown makes me a little sad.
3. According to C, I share a strange undocumented sign language with my family that few others can comprehend. (he's learning)
4. I try not to buy books, I try to go to the library a lot... but I cannot help my-self.
5. Books on tape from the library are one of life's greatest things... how wonderful to have someone to read you a story...
6. I get car sick, if I'm not the person driving.
7. The cute little furry pet that you likely have... yes, I'm terrified of it. If a sweet kittycat or even a cute little doggy rubs against my leg, I am likely to climb the wall boards with my finger nails.. Due to allergies I think. I often have nightmares where cute fuzzy creatures try to get me. It's very embarassing.
I am supposed to tag seven people so I tag... Rachel and Aunt Jackie, Shelese and Jenni and Janice and Natalie and Lindsey...

May Flowers...

May is here and that gets me to thinking of May flowers. Little c told me a joke yesterday... what do April showers bring.... May flowers.... what do May flowers bring.... pilgrims... ha! ha!
I really enjoy all the books of Barbara Milo Ohrbach, but since I adore quotes... I love these tiny gift books she does best of all.
"Lastly, love your flowers. By some subtle sense the dear things always detect their friends, and for them they will live longer and bloom more freely than they ever will for a stranger."
Julia S. Berrall
"Die when I may, I want it said of me by those who know me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow." Abraham Lincoln
"Green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart." Russell Page


The May Newsletter is posted! See it here.


Bidding on The General Lee is only up to 2,302,100.00.... just thought you might like to know in case you want to get a bid in. :)