Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blue Birdie is back and so it's a Giveaway Day!!!

The prize is going to be 3 little boxes...
...from my new collection of sugar eggs. They are tiny and difficult to photograph, but I think if you click on these pictures that you will be able to get the idea. I love the concept of eggs made of sugar with a tiny scene inside.
To enter this little giveaway drawing, all you need to do is comment on this post. If you are wondering if you are welcome to enter... don't ask. You are very welcome! :)
Some of these tiny egg boxes will be showing up in my shops sometime tomorrow... See them here & here. You are welcome to enter as soon as you see this post. Entries will be admitted until midnight tomorrow EST. Good Luck to one & all!!!

What a difference a day makes...

My lovely forcythia bloomed out in all it's glory. Forcythia is like the golden trumpet announcing the arrival of spring. I love it! My brother-in-law says that when you see the forcythia bloom, that is the time to put the fertilizer on the lawn. I am not an expert gardener myself, I did kill the lilac that I planted... it may have died of kindness because I worried over it so much, however this forcythia grew to be 10 feet tall in 3 years with no fuss. Maybe it has the perfect spot, I don't know. It makes me so happy.
It was a quiet afternoon around here yesterday, because everyone else went fishing and so I was able to accomplish a lot on these Easter boxes... which cross your fingers, I will be showing you tonight as part of the Wednesday giveaway. They will also be available here & here.
This was not made yesterday, but I love this painting. I think I have a little Matisse in my family.
This came in the mail. It is so lovely inside. I always look forward to the holiday issues.
So then, I was inspired and finally got all the Valentines down and most of the Easter stuff up. I really want something like this, which would really improve on all the blah paint I have going on down here, but I need the colors to be brighter, ofcourse.
If you happen to be up really late, swing by here again and you will be able to sign up for the Wednesday Giveaway that will go through tomorrow. Have a happy day.