Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Child Is Only A Moment by Earl Brown


Spring will return to the meadow when the long winter's chill fades away
Tomorrow, the blossoms will open their eyes to the skies, of a brand new day
No matter how dark be the nightfall, each day the sun is reborn
To shine on the beauties and wonders that stir with new life every glorious morn
Most of the treasures we cherish can delight us again and again
A rose in a book and the murmuring brook, as it wanders across the glen
The words of a poet that lie on the page can recapture the soul of the past
A song in the heart can be sung and re-echoed, as long as our voices may last
But a child is only a moment, only a snowflake of sweet remember when
Yes, a child is only a moment, a wonderful moment that never comes again
Yes, a child is only a moment, hold on to that moment, for it never comes again.