Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who Wants to be a Poodle... I don't

My mom gave c this wonderful book today. I love the writing and the illustrations.. Lauren Child is a favorite around here. Never has a book quite captured the spirit of my c better than this... darling.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Book Thief...

“He was the crazy one who had painted himself black and defeated the world.
She was the book thief without the words.
Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.”
from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I feel a reverence for this beautiful little book that carefully and tenderly helps its reader to glimpse the experience of a child in war time. The world had gone mad for many of the adults in the story, but for the children to whom the world is such a small place; a playground, a school, a grocer, a neighbor, a stream. To a child who does not see Germans and Jews, Nazis and Allies, it's difficult to understand the desperate struggle of war.
What they do know, is that their families are held together with tissue paper. They learn too early and too much about cruelty, separation and death. And, they learn too early what we all need to know... that happiness and peace whenever and wherever they exist are great blessings that should be held up to the light and marveled over and then tucked carefully away in a memory to hold up as a treasure on any day it rains.

The House of Elliott...

The House of Elliott is a television miniseries produced by the BBC in the 1990's. It's not brilliant.. unless you are talking about the glamor and the costumes.. if you're in to pretty costume dramas.. then don't miss this one. I thought it was so much fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Irving Berlin... You'd Be Surprised!

So funny! ;)

Johnny was bashful and shy
Nobody understood why Mary loved him
All the other girls passed him by
Ev'ryone wanted to know
How she could pick such a beau
With a twinkle in her eye
She made this reply

He's not so good in a crowd
but when you get him alone
You'd be surprised
He isn't much at a dance
but then when he takes you home
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look like much of a lover
But don't judge a book by it's cover
He's got the face of an Angel
But there's a Devil in his eye
He's such a delicate thing
but when he starts in to squeeze
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look very strong
but when you sit on his knee
You'd be surprised
At a party or at a ball
I've got to admit that he's nothing at all
But in a morris chair
You'd be surprised

Mary continued to praise
Johnny's remarkable ways
To the ladies
And you know advertising pays
Now Johnny's never alone
He has the busiest phone
Almost ev'ry other day
A new girl will say
He's not so good in the house
but on a bench in the park
You'd be surprised
He isn't much in the light
but when he gets in the dark
You'd be surprised
I know he looks as slow as the Erie
But you don't know the half of it, dearie
He looks as cold as an Eskimo
But there's fire in his eyes
He doesn't say very much
but when he starts in to speak
You'd be surprised
He's not so good at the start
but at the end of the week
You'd be surprised
On a streetcar or in a train
You'd think he was born without any brain
But in a taxicab...........
You'd be surprised!!!

See the fabulous Madeline Kahn sing... HERE..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Northside 777...

I am a huge, HUGE fan of Jimmy Stewart... but I had never seen this gem of a film. I don't want to say much.. because I don't want to give any of it away. It's sort of a mystery. James Stewart plays a reporter who is assigned to write a story on a convicted cop killer. Stewart is a great writer and the public is quickly enthralled in the story. Is the man innocent or guilty? Really well written until the very end.. but that doesn't spoil a fabulous mystery. I really thought it was riveting.
It's the perfect family film for the over 10-12 crowd. It's a G, but the plot is a bit complex for the really young.

New In Town...

Really cute.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Christopher Columbus...

“From my first youth onward, I was a seaman and have so continued until this day. ... Wherever on the earth a ship has been, I have been. I have spoken and treated with learned men, priests, and laymen, Latins and Greeks, Jews and Moors, and with many men of other faiths. The Lord was well disposed to my desire, and He bestowed upon me courage and understanding; knowledge of seafaring He gave me in abundance, of astrology as much as was needed, and of geometry and astronomy likewise. Further, He gave me joy and cunning in drawing maps and thereon cities, mountains, rivers, islands, and harbours, each one in its place. I have seen and truly I have studied all books—cosmographies, histories, chronicles, and philosophies, and other arts, for which our Lord unlocked my mind, sent me upon the sea, and gave me fire for the deed. Those who heard of my emprise called it foolish, mocked me, and laughed. But who can doubt but that the Holy Ghost inspired me?"
Christopher Columbus

"Here on a gleaming beach of white coral occurred the . . . first
landing . . . [Columbus] went ashore in the flagship’s longboat . . .
accompanied by [his] captains . . . flying the banner of the expedition—
a green crowned cross on a white field. ‘And . . . having rendered thanks
to our Lord, kneeling on the ground, embracing it with tears of joy for the
immeasurable mercy of having reached it, the Admiral rose and gave this
island the name San Salvador—Holy Savior."

Samuel Eliot Morison, “From Palos to San Salvador,” The Southern Voyages, pp. 60-63, italics
in the original; bracketed notations added.

Sunflower Farmers Market...

During a recent visit to the south valley.. I visited this fabulous little market. It was such a fun place.
1375 South State Street, Orem Utah
There are also locations in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico & Texas...
Read about them HERE...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Painting from the Reign of Victoria
The Royal Holloway Collection London
runs through Oct. 24, 2009
Don't miss this exibit, or the
American Dreams:
Selected Works from the Museum's Permanent Collection of American Art
exhibit.. which is just wonderful.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Ally's Eat My Art Store...

My friend Ally is painting all this lovely food. This pink cupcake is my very favorite! Check out her fun paintings at


One of my favorite places to eat ever.. is in Ketchum ID.. stop by if you happen to be in town.

Really great Mex!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Baby l's new shoes...

These are so soft and cute and cheap from Target.. I love Target.

The Great Debaters...

I loved this movie. It was truly inspiring in many ways. My favorite story line in the film is the evolving relationship of trust between the preacher and scholar James L. Farmer (played by Forest Whitaker) and his son James L. Farmer Jr. (played by the adorable Denzel Whitaker).
My criticism of the film is this. They downplayed the violence, the terror and the devastation in the film seemingly to make the film more appropriate for a younger audience. But then, they toss in a love story that is inappropriate for the same audience, is distracting to the film, seems really implausible for the character of Samantha Booke and actually feeds into a racial stereotype that I find particularly offensive.
I still think the film is very worth while and the acting is superb.. by some of America's finest.. but sadly, it's not a film that I would recommend for kids under high school age, which is tragic.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cutsie Cakes...

Hello Cupcake! Welcome to Cutsie Cakes!
The address is 354 North Main Suite #1 in Layton...
I mention the address right up front because when you realize that you can practically purchase the perfect childhood, the cure for the blues and a very happy day for just $2.50.. I know you'll be running right over.
They have candy.. coming ...

... and going... the old fashioned kind that makes you remember when you hauled around a red Radio Flyer and begged nickels from your grandfather to spend at the drug store.. They even have those fabulous candy lipsticks... I purchased 2.
And, then ... what is it about cupcakes that makes them 10 times better than cake? It's the cuteness and it's the swirly, twirly frosting. If you are a frosting lover, these cupcakes are for you. There is no better frosting. Yum!
I love the mint chocolate and the peanut butter and they have wonderful pumpkin spice cookies (WITH FROSTING) that you must try. Heaven!
.. The chocolate with a cherry on top!
There are also so many really fun gifts and other Cutsie cute things to see. Did I mention that the ceiling is pink?!?
This Halloween cupcake is huge. You can share it with your 7 favorite friends (maybe four friends if you like cake as much as I do and 8 if you happen to possess tons of self control around Chocolate CAKE!!!) Anywho, you can order these ginormous cupcakes and they will sport the appropriate design... birthday, Christmas.. I bet they will make you a ginormous cupcake for Groundhog day if you ask nicely.
After visiting so many bakeries and cupcakeries in NYC.. I am very pleased to see that we can do just as well right here in Davis County! Have fun! You can thank me later. :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Common Miracles...


Poppy Seed Chicken...

Jenni's recipes are simply the best and hopefully one day she will publish a cookbook so that you can all have access. One year she gave each of us a small black cookbook with her collected family recipes and we have all converted to them. My sister Christine recently made this Poppy Seed Chicken for the family and I thought she had slaved all day.. it tasted so delish, but it was one of Jenni's stunning recipes.. so no slaving required.

Jenni's Poppy Seed Chicken

Enough chicken for your family
(chicken breasts work great)
1 cup chicken broth
1 can Cream of Chicken soup.. (use low fat)
1 cup fat free sour cream
1 T poppy seeds
1 package Ritz crackers (not the whole box)
4 T butter

Simmer chicken in broth until cooked. Salt & Pepper to taste. While cooking mix soup, sour cream & poppy seeds. Add cut up chicken to sauce. Crumble crackers & mix with butter & pour over top. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Christine served this with a rice pilaf and sweet baby peas, good French baguette and some delish French garlic cheese spread and chocolate pie. Heaven.

Thomas Hardy in Film...

My sisters and I had a Thomas Hardy marathon several days ago. Fabulous! Ciaran Hinds, who I loved in Persuasion
is also amazing as The Mayor of Casterbridge, a man who cannot decide whether or not to be good and often makes the wrong pick.
Justine Waddall, who is sooo pretty, and perfectly played the lovely Molly Gibson in Wives and Daughters, is also the quintessential Tess.
Thomas Hardy is not light viewing, but his themes create great discussion and certainly make you think. Also, if you happen to enjoy a good costume drama partially for the costumes.. don't miss Tess.. Justine wears some of the most beautiful things.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Megan & Mendy's Art...

Liz told me about Megan & Mendy's darling art work some time ago.. but this piece in particular.. I saw just today and it is the happiest thing I've ever seen. I was able to see lots of Winborg art HERE.
Why is this kind of thing marketed for kids. I would adore this over my mantlepiece and you never know.. I may just hang it there.

Grey Gardens...

When my husband and I lived in the city, we became acquainted with some really interesting people. I met this darling English woman who had married a man just before he took off in a plane to fight the Nazis and was killed. She then married three additional times. I got the idea that she married poor and sickly men and cared for them until they passed away. (Yes, the idea of Black Widow did come up in conversation... people who are a bit odd are often suspected by their neighbors.. but I think that this woman was just a genuine humanitarian in her own way.)
She was a very cheerful person. I don't think she quite lived in reality.. or reality had been too hard and she had created her own little dream world to live in.
We met this woman when we were first married and we lived in a dump. Behind the apartment were dozens of feral cats. They scared me to death. I don't like cats much to begin with, but these were all wild. Our little English woman purchased several traps. Almost everyday, I would see her with this fur-flying, hissing demon in a cage and she would be smiling and say, "I've captured a cat and named him Tom." She was determined the Humane Society was going to find these frightening creatures good homes.
I was touched by her great heart. When the cat problem was solved, she moved on.
This film reminded me of our little English lady. It also reminded me of a great uncle I had. He lived in an apartment that was so filthy, I couldn't stand to be in it because it smelled so bad. He wouldn't let anyone clean or repair the furniture. My mother, who is a saint, visited him every week and took him treats and drove him to his Doctor. He was difficult to deal with, but he was cheerful and happy and even at 83 he had big plans to become a great entrepreneur and marry (for the first time) and have a dozen children.
At his funeral, my mother's cousin said something to the affect that she hoped that whatever it was that had held him back... kept him from becoming, whatever barrier that had prevented him from achieving his dreams was now removed and he could become who he had always dreamed of becoming.
I think it's important not to judge people who have hit some kind of barrier, for all of us have one or two we hope to overcome. And so, I found this film inspiring in a way. There is a beautiful determination in these two women to maintain a certain dignity and happiness and to survive even in the most awful circumstances.
Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore give amazing performances. FYI this film is very sad and disturbing in parts and not for children in my opinion.