Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Manners Thursday...

Looking your best. AAAAaah! People who paint all day wear clothes that can be spilled on and not cried over and sadly I have found that once comfortable in these clothes.. they go out... IN PUBLIC! .. much to the dismay of certain of my more fashionable relatives. (Sorry Rob.)
As I was reading in Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm this morning in order to find a fun post for Good Manners Thursday.. I had to laugh at the section Accessories Speak Volumes. I wonder, what does my black plastic hair clippy say about me. I seldom remember to wear anything else in the way of an accessory. I even forget to put my wedding ring on much of the time. My Gold Toe ankle socks aren't too fetching, but they sure are comf! Remember, this is from 1938, but still...
"Go to your bureau or dressing table and take out every purse and belt, every scarf and pair of gloves. Go to you closet and take out every hat and every pair of shoes. Look them over, Are they accessories that lift an ordinary costume into the realm of smartness, or are they detractors and hangers-on that do more harm that good?
Don't buy your accessories helter-skelter. 'That's a sweet purse'... 'this belts a bargain'... 'pretty gloves, aren't they?' That's not the way to decide!
When you add up the cost of all the extras that go to make up even a simple costume, you may be staggered by the total. That's why each part should be selected with an eye to its fitness not only for this one ensemble, but for many others, too."
I need serious help in the shopping department. :)
Be sure to come back tomorrow.. A copy of Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm will be part of the Friday Giveaway!


The Motherboard said...

You know that show "What not to wear?"
They would have a hay-day with me.

Jan said...

I am just a no frill girl. I would have maybe 2 things on my bed to look over. I need to dazzle.

Tammy said...

I love the excerpt from 1938. Times have changed haven't they!!!

Rebecca said...

I'd love to have a dressing table to go to.