Saturday, June 11, 2011

Come with me to Roger's Garden's...

It feels like a secret garden.. California Style
Wouldn't you love to hang this just outside your window?

or have a Saint to pray over your flowers?

These little clumpy violets were so sweet.

Zinnias in a row with not one petal out of place.

Tell me you can't buy happiness? For forty dollars you could have this beautiful bougainvillea to blush at you every day... Sigh...

I love how they mix up the colors making them all more vibrant. Geraniums are huge in California.. Not these lovely geraniums, but some of the plants remind me of Dr. Seuss. I love them all though.. especially the crazy purple trees that line the streets in Long Beach.

Pink Dahlias.. bold and delicate at the same time.

I don't remember the name of this purple one.. but it's dream-like.

The Victory Garden is an idea perfect for our time too!

I don't know what type of succulents .. but they are lovely.

The past decade hybridizers have been bringing back scent in a big way. Some roses almost have a spicy scent. I wish this page was scratch-n-sniff.

The roses even grow over your head.

Of all the fun things I saw on my trip, this is the one I'm dreaming of... strawberry pots for the north fence line. Pretty and sweet.

Lobelia in four different shades.

Wouldn't it be fun to eat a 4th of July picnic on Starfish dishes?

Are these Orchid too amazing to be real? I'm not sure. There are silk flowers too, but if you don't touch them, you'll never be sure... so I don't. :)

The gardener here knows color and texture.

I so wanted to bring you this basket of blue... But, I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers with me. They make my heart sing!

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