Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Layer Cake with a strawberry on top!

I think I've made about a dozen two-layer cakes in my life. But, I've decided they are very Granny Chic and so I'm going to make the effort to stop making "snack cake" where you pour the entire batter into a 9X13. The thing is.. it's intimidating. Even with cooking spray or flour and butter I have a hard time getting the rounds out of the pans because I like the cake to be very moist. It's a crumby mess when I get them out.
So I have to apply not one crumb coat...

... but 2! If you haven't done this before. You use one of those thin frosting spreaders .. I like THIS one... (BTW a friend gave me the large Wilton spatula as a gift.. they are the best for lifting enchiladas out of the pan w/out ruining them.. free tip for the day).

After the second crumb coat.. even a moist, crumby cake starts to look prettier ( I apologize for the horrid light in these photos).

I need a better butter cream recipe. The one I use, I won't recommend because I made it up and it's kinda soggy so the cake doesn't fluff out pretty like a Martha Stewart cake. But, still I thought it was pretty cute and the best part.. It was DELICIOUS! Everyone said so. ;)

A cake is a celebration for which there need be no reason.

My secret recipe will appear in the comments.. just for those of you who are still reading.. shhh. :)


love.boxes said...

Dude's Chocolate Cake (the secret Hess family recipe)

In a saucepan put:
2 cubes salted butter
3 heaping T coca
1 Cup hot water
Bring to a boil while stiring

In a bowl place:
2 cups sugar
2 cups flour

Add Chocolate mixture
Beat in 3 eggs

Add 1/2 tsp baking soda to 1/2 cup butter milk and add to batter

Beat this recipe by hand just enough.

Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes..

Tip: I insert a tooth pick at 35.. if it comes out clean.. I take the cake out of the oven. You don't want to overcook this at all. :)

Jacquelyn Sherry said...

Do you use Pam for Baking? It's the best cooking spray. It has flour in it.

Amy said...

Tiffany - Have you tried using parchment paper? I have had a lot of luck doing layer cakes with the bottom of the pan lined with a measured circle of parchment paper. I let the layer cool a little, then go around the edges and it pops right out! It's perfect and is never dry. Give it a try next time! Thanks for the recipe. I love cake and strawberries!

love.boxes said...

I've tried both and both together.. It comes out easy if I cook it longer, but then the cake is dry and I don't like it.
You all try it and tell me what works for you.
Amy, my friend.. I hope you are very well. hearts..

Merrijane said...

I make two layer cakes all the time, but I'm not so picky about the moistness of the cake. I find that it absorbs a lot from the frosting. Also, a nice way to keep your cake plate clean while frosting is to tuck three or four thin strips of parchment or waxed paper underneath the edges of the cake. After frosting, gently pull them out and discard. I'll send you my buttercream recipe if you want. It's got a little cream in it which helps it stand up when it's whipped.

love.boxes said...

I would love it Merrijane.. Thank you!

Jennie said...

Oh good. I'm so glad you posted the recipe. It looks delicious. Maybe if I'm nice you'll make it once for Women's Shelter. :)

LisAway said...

I believe I will make this this week. The recipe looks very similar to the Texas Sheet Cake recipe I use, but I'll try it your way. :)

Michelle said...

You know I love this marshmellow creme frosting.

Now I really want to make cake!