Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was tempted, but couldn't buy one of these in California. Who can lug home a suitcase full of rocks? But, in person these are so beautiful. Some California artist has used copper wire and a bunch of sea polished rocks and chunks of recycled glass to create these "things" I don't really know what they are called, but you hang them outside and they accentuate the sound of the rain. Many of you are tired of the rain, but I love it. I just pretend that I live in Ireland. :) So, I kind of wanted one of these, but didn't have anywhere to hang it so I took a picture instead.. But lovely.. right?
Also, I have a new face cream.. huge jars cheap at Costco.. does a great job of keeping the exema off my face so far...(ooh how I hate the exema! ..it's a constant battle).
Then, there are the new short sleeve Thomas Pink shirts for summer... They are so beautiful. I would never buy a $200 shirt.. but, I love looking at these. They are sooo pretty!

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