Friday, September 07, 2012

Shattered Glass...

Shattered Glass: The Traditions of Mormon Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Encounter
Boyd K. Packerwritten by Gregory L. Smith

Once we have accepted that we are fundamentally dis-eased in that nothing in this life will ever fully complete us, we need then give up our messianic expectations and demands. Hence, we must stop expecting that somewhere, sometime, in some place, we will meet just the right person, the right situation, or the right combination of circumstances so that we can be completely happy. We will stop demanding that our spouses, families, friends, and jobs give us what only God can give us, clear-cut pure joy. . . 

[In Gethsemane] we see the necessary connection between suffering and faith, the necessary connection between sweating blood in a garden and keeping our commitments and our integrity. Nobody will ever remain faithful in a marriage, a vocation, a friendship, a family, a job, or just to his or her own integrity without sometimes sweating blood in a garden.
article is long, but is well worth your time. If you start reading it though, commit to reading it all the way through.

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