Friday, September 07, 2012

Obama's America 2016

I went to this movie and I think it was very well done. It was interesting to me to see the different places that are connected to this story. It was fascinating to me how Dinesh D'Souza parallels his own life with that of President Obama's. I loved brother meeting brother George.

But, I learned very little about President Obama's life that I didn't know before the 2008 election. Very little. The big story of this film is that the media has sold out, not news either I know, but nothing shows it more starkly than public reaction to this film.

This film is a good test of media consumption habits. Less than 10 Corporations own 90% of the media consumed by Americans. Did you know that? Have you ever noticed how similarly stories are reported, or how local papers will just post the AP (Associated Press) story? Getting a little diversity into your media diet is not that easy, but it's important. How to do that? Hmmm. That is a question.

Below, I'm going to post 10 some things that I think are important to know about President Obama. Look through them and see how many of them have received coverage in the media you consume:

1.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright Obama's Pastor for over 20 years. Have you seen these comments?
2. The History of Agenda 21 How anti-colonialist views are expressed in the Obama Presidency a. Obama on Coal, Obama on food, Obama on high gas prices, Agenda 21 & Obama's Rural Council
3. Fast & Furious, Eric Holder on guns, UN Gun Treaty
4. Obama Administration sues Arizona over Illegal Immigration
5. Obama Administration sues to take over New Mexico's water supply
6. Executive Orders of Presidents. This would make a great research project for someone. Some feel that the last few presidents have used extra-Constitutional powers in their issuing of these orders. Here is a list of all presidents. Here is a list of 137 of (I am aware of 138) Obama's Executive Orders with links to PDF.. you can also find them on the White House web site. These Executive Orders are usually not long documents, a couple of paragraphs. Read through some of them and see if you agree with where Obama is leading the country.
7. Where is the stimulus money? Did it really go to fixing crumbling infrastructure? HERE
8. Common Core Implementation. If you look at the above site again, you can browse by recipient HERE. To look at this you would suspect that teachers in your state got a fantastic raise. NO!?! No. The money  didn't go to save teacher jobs or increase their pay, it went to implement a federal take over of education called Common Core. Read what you won't hear about it on the news HERE.
9. Green Energy Failures: Abound Solar is the latest, but the money wasted on "Green Technologies" is astounding. HERE is a pretty good list, it's missing some major players like Sun Power (which received a 1.2 BILLION Federal Loan Guarantee and will therefore be a bigger fiscal catastrophe than Solyndra WHEN it goes down) HERE
10. Obama's Convention beautiful convention speech spoke of fair play in the market place and yet his record more than any other president is one of picking winners and losers based on political donations and cronyism. This is not new in and American government that has granted subsidies and foreign aid and grant money to some and not others for years, but we now no longer have a free market in the United States.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just the first 10 concerns off the top of my head. There is so much more, but the public is plagued by political personalities the likes of Sandra Fluke, whose mission to provide every woman with free birth control really does not affect the lives of that many people and yet for how long did that story dominate the news? It's no wonder so many Americans think politics is a trite and a pointless waste of time. But, there are grave issues being decided behind the spotlight of media frenzy that beg for the thoughtful concern of an informed and active citizenry.

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