Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Favorites: A list for Golda...

1. Favorite piece of jewelry or hair accessories ~My silver heart necklace from Mexico here...
2. Most important favorite thing - ~My library of books
3. Favorite Make-up - pink blush
4. Favorite article of clothing - ~Pink Tee Shirts!
5. Favorite drink - ~Diet Coke w/ big lemon wedge and pebble ice
6. Favorite smelly thing - ~Peppermint anything
7. Favorite food - ~Chocolate

I am supposed to pass this a long to 6 people, but I've been so blog lazy that I don't know if I have reader anymore, so if you want to participate, jump in. Let me know so I can visit and read :)


Janice said...

I'll play. See my blog.

B-Blogit said...

i read...just been blog lazy too!

Paula said...

Hi Tiffany!

You have me as a reader today. Your blog popped up in my Google alert for Alexandra. :)

I see you are to pink what I am to purple.

I love all your creations - you have been blessed with such creativity and talent.

Thanks for bringing me such a colorful start to my week-end.

New Year Blessings,

Circe said...

Tiff, you are so supportive. Love ya! And I love how you know your Coke. Hee hee! Pebble ice IS the best!

love.boxes said...

Thank you so much Paula! That is so nice. I am a big fan of Alexandra's. She is wonderful and her books have inspired me and helped me so much. It's lovely to meet you!
BTW The first time I ever saw Alexandra she was wearing purple head to to and I just thought.. "Who is that?!? I must find out!" Purple is wonderful!

Alicia said...

Good list! I will make a list too. I have to think about it. Is it just things around the house, or is it experiences or places to visit too?

love.boxes said...

Alicia, look at Circe's and Michelle's. Then, I think you'll get the idea. It's a little tag game.

Alicia said...

Ah. I get it!