Monday, June 15, 2009

Walk, Don't Run...

This is a remake of one of my favorite films The More The Merrier with the amazing Jean Arthur... Sometime I like remakes and sometimes I just wish they had let the old film stand. This film however, is delightful, it's predictable as it doesn't much diverge from the original, but the actors, especially Cary Grant are really fun to watch and like the original the costumes and set are really beautifully done and fun to see. This one is set in Japan during the 1964 Olympics. It's fun to see how much of the fashion and interiors are influencing what we like today.
See it.. it's darling.

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michelle said...

We checked that one out from the library and liked it too. I think it was Cary Grant's last one. You have to see it, if for that reason alone!