Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

I have to confess that I read these books.. most of them anyway although they are not my usual fair.. they are fine beach reads.. However, the film is a millions times better than the books. I adored it. It was in color and bettered my imagination by leaps and bounds. Whoever, the stylists for this film are.. they are grand and amazing at what they do.. the art direction.. the makeup.. every detail is just fun to see.
And, as you know I love rainbow bright colors of a kind which this film contains in great and glorious abundance.. it just makes me giddy with happiness to look at all these colors!
And truthfully, I wish that I was younger, thinner and didn't care for comfort and mobility as much as I do, because if I could somehow overcome the aforementioned.. I would dress like the girl in the green scarf everyday... Beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing and Happy!
I am not a shopaholic, but I am buying this film as soon as it comes out.. I'm not even waiting for it to go on sale.


Circe said...

I loved that show too. I'm excited to go see it with you and Charity again next week. See you there.

From, golda

Rebecca said...

This movie did not, originally, appeal one bit to me. But I have heard so many intelligent, well-read women recommend it that I have been convinced to watch it. I' with you on the bright color palettes, so I will netflix it today.