Sunday, January 06, 2013

I Resolve... 2013

I have been sick and missed most of the three hour block today ( I couldn't manage to stay away from my class, but I went heavily drugged and didn't cough on anyone). I spent the other hours catching up on blog reading that I never get around to between September and Christmas. I also read through my blog. I was interested to find any of my past New Year's Resolutions and see if any have stuck and if the process is at all worthwhile. I was surprised.
I think it was in 2007 that I resolved to be better about the shopping. I have historically been terrible about keeping food in the house. I would so much rather buy restaurant food than real food, at least that is how I used to be. I cook a lot more now. I have a collection of recipes that I like and that my family likes. I try to follow an old habit that my MIL had of always having, "bread, fruit, milk and cheese" in the house. If someone was hungry, she always ran down this list, which reminds me that having "NO FOOD", which is a frequent complaint of my teenager does not mean that we literally have "No food" it just means that we might be out of potato chips, which "you shouldn't be eating anyway... refer to the list above".
Daily scripture study has historically been a problem for me. I go along really well for awhile and then get swamped and quit for awhile. But, the constant resolve has finally changed something. In the past year, I have turned a corner and I have learned to "feast on the word of God". I have always loved the scriptures, the beauty of the language and I've had a testimony of the gospel since I was ten, but this is different. I really want to know. I have questions that I need answered and I get an incredible amount of comfort from gospel study.  I am still not a daily student, but I'm almost a daily student. I hate to miss.. not out of guilt, but desire to read and to listen to the voice of prophets and apostles both ancient and modern.
My daily habits of health and exercise are almost a complete wash, but not entirely. I still eat too much junk and I have a start and mostly stop exercise plan that really needs to change, but even here I can't honestly say that my efforts are worthless. I have lost 7 pounds since the first of November... slow going, but at least it's in the right direction and I didn't put on the holiday 5 so that has to count for something!
So I resolve to keep resolving.
Every year, I've also made a goal of spending more one on one time with my spouse and it's never happened until this past year, when it did. We did a lot of fun things. We love music and we saw some great performances, the highlight of which was seeing Lang Lang at Abravenel Hall. We went to a couple of plays with good friends. Our friends, Ally & John starred in Little Shop of Horrors and they were WONDERFUL! C even took me Christmas shopping, twice! That was a first. We had regular date nights. Can we keep it up if I don't add it to the list? I think we got this one.

So for 2013
1. End Common Core in Utah
Failure here is very possible, but a friend told me that if this is truly what I believe needs to happen, then I should try. I feel very strongly about it so I am about to make myself a huge pain, which seems to come pretty naturally.. at least something does!
2. Spend quality time with my children every day.
I did this last year and I did pretty well, just not as well as I want to so... I'm not good at playing games, taking walks or sitting on the floor playing toys. When I do those things, I often wish I were somewhere else. So, I am going to achieve this goal by reading good literature to my children and spending time discussing those things that I want them to learn and know. I wish I was the kind of mom who builds snowmen, but I'm not.
3. Scripture study & Family Night
Just to be ever more faithful and take the time to teach the gospel. What is more important to me in the end? Nothing.
4. Lose 60 pounds by the time of my anniversary.
I always make small goals in this direction, maybe try a big one.
5. Keep up with cooking 5 nights a week making the meals ever more healthy.

6. Be Grateful!
Finally, since I just finished A Simple Act of Gratitude, I am going to try saying "Thank You" 365 times. Hopefully, this will be fun. Great book BTW.

That's it. See you on the flip side :)


Alicia said...

I love that list. You don't have to be a snowmen building mom. I really think as a teacher and a mother that what kids want the most is to be read to. With the Internet, if you don't have pictures for the book you want to read for little ones, you can print off a few pictures that go with what you want to read to them. President Hinckley's mom Ada read philosophy and poetry to President Hinckley as a kid and he turned out! :) One tip I'm finding is that eating turkey sausage for breakfast by Jimmy Dean in the big Costco box is a win-win. You can store in the freezer and it comes with 48 links. Eat 3 with breakfast for 120 calories, 13g of protein and only 7 grams of fat. Eat em with a scrambled egg and pepper (no cheese or partial skim mozzarella only) and an apple and drink 16 oz. of water and you'll be completely full and satisfied til lunch.

Circe said...

We forgot to talk about resolutions last week! You have some good ones...even though you're practically perfect already. :)

dcarman said...

I agree with Circe! Love the resolutions, and you are already SO wonderful!