Monday, May 28, 2012

The Best Days...

These are just a few pictures of some of my best days. When I was little, my brother got a puppy for his birthday. I still remember how the present was moving.
4th of July one of Mom & Dad's amazing BBQs

Some of our prettiest dresses...

Dancing at Melissa's wedding...

c reaching the top!

Sun Valley

A&B.. a perfect match.

Mom & The Aunts & Uncle Monte w/ their fun cousins

my darling, wonderful and dear grandparents

best friends a girl could ever have...

a day at the beach..

cousins and dress ups


All of these perfect days were made possible mostly by people I have not met and cannot see.
They leave comfortable homes, children, wives and families...
to fight and sometimes to die in far away places where they are beloved by some of the people
and hated and hunted by others.
They almost always lose something. Some lose limbs or sight. Some lose their minds. Some lose their friends... for us, so that we can have a perfect day. Days like these aren't possible without freedom.

Our FREEDOM is so taken for granted that most of us don't vote. When we do vote, we vote w/out learning and researching the issues or the character of the candidates. When we do pay attention, we are wooed by sound bites and media tricks. We know more about reality TV than our own history. We are so dumb, that our own government steals from us, lies to us and takes our liberties without protest.

There is no way that we can calculate the cost in blood and treasure that has been spent on our behalf.
May we make great strides to repent. That is the best way we can thank those who have sacrificed so much.


Michelle said...

Beautiful post Tif. Such a good reminder and what fun pictures.

Alicia said...


Jennie said...

Love this post Tiff. Such beautiful pictures. That one of you and Christine is stunning. You look like you belong in a novel or perhaps a Masterpiece Theatre series. :)

See you soon. Hope your holiday was wonderful.

Circe said...

I love those pictures! The one of you and Christine is a CLASSIC! And the family pic at the come that wasn't on your Christmas card or something? It's perfect!