Saturday, January 21, 2012

Red Tails... The Tuskegee Airmen


I love this movie. It could have been better. It could have had a much tighter script although there were some really fun lines. It could have had greater depth in the character development. There is some language and a small love scene where one of the actors is standing at the window with his girlfriend who is wearing a short silk nighty and it's made obvious they've been sleeping together. I say this right out because other than that, I think this a really great movie for kids, especially boys (although my girls loved it!) I really want to take all my nephews to see it. It is PG-13 mostly for war violence, but to me (I've seen a lot of war films) it's very minor stuff. This is NOT Band of Brothers. For example, one of the airmen is captured by the Germans which could be a terrifying scene.. it's not. They do make one of the German Pilots a very 2 dimensional stereotypical "bad guy" snarly, surly and racist of course.
There isn't a ton of depth written into any of the characters. This is a George Lucas Film so think Star Wars. But, it's a handsome group of very fine actors and they do a great job with it. The film is made to showcase just a few of the accomplishments of the AWESOME Tuskegee Airmen and it just makes you want to stand up and cheer. The special affects are really stunning to me. I would think all of the flying scenes have to be computer animation and they are amazing. If you have a 6-16 year old boy in your family.. you really might want to consider taking them to this in a theater with a NICE, BIG screen.
There are so many stories of courage like this in American History that could be told and should be told on the big screen.. Hats off to George Lucas for choosing this one! I hope it will be a huge hit for him.

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Alicia said...

I loved Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry McGuire. It'd be fun to see him in a more serious role. I'm excited to see it!