Sunday, September 04, 2011

Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championships...

Photo credit Salt Lake Magazine and more info HERE...
Thanks to my friend Sarah, when I saw the ad in the paper about the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Championships... I tore it out and saved it. We don't have a dog, but my kids are big dog lovers. I have to say that I thought attending this event was one of the more amazing things I've seen in my lifetime. I'm a total novice so a little patience... this is what I saw. People release these wild sheep about 400 yards up the mountain and the trainer commands his dog via whistle and vocal commands to drive the sheep down the mountain through a series of obstacle courses.. including shedding (which means splitting the group of 5 in to two groups of 2 and 3) and then finally penning them. It was amazing to see how smart these dogs were and the relationship between trainer and dog and what they were able to accomplish together. Truly inspiring!!
It was hot up there and I will come prepared next time (WE WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR!) with.. camp chairs, ice, more water, hats and umbrellas for everyone. I might even pack a picnic although there is really delicious and tempting food up there.. not a lot of healthy choices though and if you're staying all day.. you could use a carrot or something.
This event is a testament to excellence... something I love to see. And, it has further added to my prejudice that Utah is the best place in the whole world largely because so often people who are excellent at what they do come here and share their talents with us. Thank you.. amazing people!
They also have a diving competition for just your average dog, which my little one thought was hilarious and everyone else enjoyed. This whole day was a surprise for little c who thought it was one of the best days of her life... Great fun!

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Amy said...

(gasp) Wasn't it fantastic? We went several years ago for the same reason as you. It still is one of the most impressive sports I've ever witnessed. It's so amazing that these dogs and trainers come from all over the world to compete in our little UT backyard!